3 Things you NEED to bring for your photography clients.

Forget your camera, forget your tripod, lights, reflectors and the other items you know is essential to a photo shoot,  we are going to talk about packing your bag with something different. A photoshoot should deliver two things to you client; high quality photos and an enjoyable experience.  Word of mouth is one of the greatest ways to grow your business and being professional and prepared for your clients will stick in their minds and be a talking point for them when they talk about their photoshoot.

So, what should you pack for a little extra preparedness? What can turn a good experience into a great one? Let’s get into it!


1.  Snacks and Water

Have you ever been on a lengthy shoot with a client only to realize after a while the client is starting to get fatigued?  A lot of times I’ve gotten the most of my models and clients by offering them a break mid-shoot. During the break, give them a few moments to breathe then offer them some snacks or some water. Bottled water, granola bars, fruit snacks, and gum is usually my go to’s for the break.Everyone is a little different but even if the offer is denied, caring always goes a long way. After the break you’ll have a refreshed and appreciative client and I promise it’ll show in your work.


2. Clothespins

There’s nothing that drops the quality of a photograph than ill-fitting clothes. There will be times when you have a great model, a great location, great lighting, and you look through your viewfinder and notice that your model’s shirt makes them look a little extra round! That’s where your prep comes in. Bring a bag of clothespins, it can be a game changer. Besides the obvious of making clothes fit just the way you need, they can be helpful in other ways. Holding up reflectors, signs, backgrounds, and other items be creative!


3. Bag o’props

black framed sunglasses near go pro sports cam
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Ok you got me. . . this one is a bit of a cheat but one thing I bring to every photo shoot is a separate bag I’ve prepackaged with some props. props are an easy way to make a stiff client comfortable and turn a good photo great. (Let’s not forget props add a lot of fun!) Typically, in my prop bag is a slew of different items including: Sun glasses, scarves, string lights, hats, confetti, and books. These really help open up the options  in your shoot and gives your client a little something extra to enjoy during their time with you.


Taking care of your clients should always be number one during your shoots. By packing a little food, a couple extra props, and clothespins you can be better prepared to do just that. It only adds a few more minutes to your prep, but much more quality in your photos and an all around better experience.


Do you bring anything special for your clients or something I forgot here? Feel free to let me know in the comments.

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